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Horses at Risk

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 Each year there are over 170,000 unwanted horses.

Horses at Risk

The issue of unwanted horses in the United States is a widespread problem.  At AHH we are working to educate the public of about horses needs, care and costs to help stop the plight of the unwanted horse.  At the same time we provide safe, loving and supportive environment to the 7-9 horses who were unwanted and at risk of homelessness or the slaughterhouse pipeline.

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*Current Situation

  1. Horse Slaughter Statistics: 170,000 horse in the US a year are unwanted.

    • Tens of thousands of American horses are sent to slaughter each year. The majority of these horses are transported to Mexico and Canada, as there are no operational horse slaughter facilities in the U.S. since the last ones closed in 2007 .

  2. Reasons for Slaughter:

    • Horses end up at slaughterhouses for various reasons, including overbreeding, the decline of the racing industry, economic hardship of owners, and the misconception that slaughter is a humane way to deal with unwanted horses .

  3. Conditions and Transport:

    • Horses transported to slaughter often endure long, stressful journeys in poor conditions. They are frequently subjected to overcrowded trailers without adequate food, water, or rest, leading to significant suffering .

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