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Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility at AHH

At Art, Heart and Hoofbeats (AHH), corporate social responsibility is deeply woven into our mission. We provide avenues for companies to be socially responsible while benefiting their teams and community. By partnering with AHH, you demonstrate commitment to ethical initiatives that create positive change.

Employee Volunteer Days

  • Hands-on volunteering maintains our equine sanctuary

  • Fosters team bonding and collective purpose

  • Private "Hug & Groom" events connect families with our rescued horses


Event Sponsorship & Branding

  • Sponsor AHH events showcasing your social responsibility

  • Gain brand visibility and positive association in our community

  • Customizable sponsorship packages and co-branding opportunities

Image by Hannah Busing

Equine-Assisted Experiences

  • Impactful team building and personal growth programs

  • Develop leadership, communication and coping skills

  • Healing interactions for employees facing grief, trauma or stress


When you invest in AHH through volunteerism, sponsorship or experiential programs, you provide your employees a greater sense of purpose. You showcase your company's values while benefiting the community we serve.

Improved employee engagement, morale and company pride await through partnering with AHH's corporate social responsibility initiatives. Let's create a tailored program aligning with your company's goals.

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