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Welcome to Art, Heart & Hoofbeats

The intersection of equine-assisted education, artistic expression, and community cultivation within our sanctuary provides mutual rehabilitation for both humans and horses.

Healing Synergy: Art, Heart and Hooves

Art, Heart and Hoofbeats is a sanctuary for rescued equines providing holistic healing through the synergy of nature, equine partners and artistic expression.

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AHH was founded to uplift human and equine communities through the healing powers of nature and creativity. We believe in the profound capacities of these elements for growth and transformation. Our mission is to provide accessible programs with financial aid, accommodations, support, and inclusion, all within a culturally sensitive environment. Our sanctuary addresses unmet needs and reduces barriers, reaching individuals facing various challenges. We strive to create a safe space for everyone to experience the restorative benefits of interacting with rescue animals, artistic expression, and nature.

Thank you to our Corporate, Individual Sponsors and volunteers. We couldn't do without you.

At AHH, our rescued horses' well-being is central. Instead of riding, we focus on building communication and facilitating mutual healing through: Equine Interactions: Participants learn horse body language, energy reading, and non-mounted connection via groundwork, grooming and observation. These foster self-awareness, emotional regulation, relationship skills and a sense of community belonging. Artistic Expression: Art like journaling, painting, and sculpting allows processing emotions, exploring identity, and creative community bonding after equine sessions. Nature Immersion: Time in pastures and trails provides grounding, stress relief, appreciation for nature's restorative qualities and a connection to the natural community. Combining horse communication, artistic self-expression, nature connection and community belonging in our trauma-informed approach creates an environment for profound personal growth and interspecies healing - prioritizing safety and mindfulness around our equine partners.

  • We serve 30+ individuals ages 13+ 

We cater to a diverse range of participants, including those dealing with trauma, mental health challenges, disabilities, and those from underserved communities including First responders, Trauma survivors, Veteran's, BiPoc, and LGBTQIA and caregiver communities. 

How We Serve

  • All work with equines is equine centered and on the ground

Trauma-informed Alternative Health programs

Art and equine programs

Beginning to advanced art classes 

Human-Equine communication

Meditative body informed 

Inclusive - All are welcome

Private connection class (1:1)

Small group classes (2-4 participants)

Sliding scale fees

Mitigated barriers for participation

*(We are not therapists and this is not therapy - we offer a proprietary experiential equine and art experiences that supports individuals ability to connect and coregulate.)



Animal brown horse

“Bye-bye depression – Hello, self-expression”

 Brook D.

Around the Farm


Cologne MN 55322

612 251 0536

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