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How Your Donation Makes a Difference

Your tax-deductible gift allows us to care for our herd care costs exceeding $64,000 a year 

Hay prices alone can reach almost $10,000.00 annually.

Every dollar helps! Here's how your donation directly supports our horses:


Covers a day's worth of hay*, with additional needs in the winter  *(hay costs are volatile and change throughout the year based on weather conditions)                                   


One call charge for a veterinary visit and check up   


Supports the care and feed for one of our rescue horses



 One bag of horse feed


Farrier Services:

covers trim for one horse*. (price change with size of horse and any special services)

 Special Services 

Chiropractor 180/ per visit

Accupuncture 175/per visit 

Massage 60/per visit


Dental Work: $1600+
Vaccinations & Wormer: $800+
Grain: $7,240+
Farrier Care: $2,400+
Hay: $10,000.+

Please note that these prices are subject to change throughout the year, and the figures provided are based on the current average spring of 2024

Make a donation

Your Donation Supports our rescue horses and our accessible trauma informed programs - Thank you for being part of our herd!
At Art, Heart and Hoofbeats, we provide a sanctuary of healing - both for rescued equines and humans in need. Through equine interactions, immersion in nature, and creative self-expression, we offer life-changing services and programs.
But this vital cause requires resources to sustain daily operations like feed, medical care, facility upkeep, art supplies, and staff support. Your generous donation to our general operations fund makes this healing work possible.
When you give, you directly support:
The rescue, rehabilitation, and sanctuary for our 8 resident equine companions
Creative outlets and self-discovery through theraputic art programing
Nature-based grounding and stress relief
Skilled facilitators guiding participants on journeys of personal growth
Every single day at AHH is one of profound healing, human-equine connection, and renewed hope. Your donation sustains this special place as a haven where lives are transformed.
No matter the amount, your gift makes an immediate impact. You provide the supplies sparking creativity, the sustenance nourishing our horses, and the safe environment for authentic growth.
Please give generously today and thank you for your partnership in this remarkable cause. Together, we can continue shining a light and creating profound change - one healing day at a time.


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