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Corporate Programing

Horse Ridding School
Image by Hannah Busing

​​Transformative Team Building Through Horses & Art

A unique, enriching experience that transcends traditional team exercises. Fosters genuine engagement, trust and connection among colleagues. Delivered in a peaceful environment away from workplace tensions​.

​​​Experiential Learning for Lasting Impact

Hands-on equine activities create memorable shared experiences. Lessons resonate long after the session through powerful metaphors. Renewed motivation, confidence and sense of team unity. ​​Tailored Programs for Specific Goals. Customized to align with your organization's values and objectives. Options for focused skills like conflict resolution, change management, etc. Professional facilitators guide activities and debrief insights​​​.

Wild Horses on the Prarie
Image by chrissie kremer

 Cultivate Communication and Leadership Skills

 Equine interactions provide insights into communication styles, behaviors, energy and team building. Identify strengths and growth areas for effective leadership. Build collaboration skills through activities requiring teamwork with horses. 

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