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A Breathtaking Moment

Updated: May 20

Today, one of AHH's amazing volunteers, Brittney* led a restorative yoga session in Jake's pasture. Despite his asthma struggles, this sweet horse found solace through the rhythmic breathing exercises.

As Brittney guided us through mindful poses and breaths, Jake's eyes softened, and he melted into the flow. In those tranquil moments, his breathing synchronized with ours - a profound connection. When we rested, sending him healing energy, Jake slowly drifted into a deep, restorative slumber.

Tears glazed our eyes as we witnessed this gorgeous being fully relaxed for the first time since his arrival. Enveloped in an aura of love, we felt welcomed into his herd.

Integrating yoga, energy work, and a nurturing environment is proving transformative for Jake on his journey to improved respiratory health. This magical experience reaffirms the power of holistic therapies and compassionate care for our beloved equine friends.

We're forever grateful to walk this path alongside Jake, embracing each breath as a gift. 🙏 One healing stride at a time.

*Brittney is a multifaceted practitioner, specializing in coaching, sound healing, yoga, and Reiki. She facilitates transformative wellness events and guides individuals through their journey of self-discovery.

Brittney's philosophy revolves around the belief that true balance is achieved by uncovering our inner light, embracing self-love, and nurturing our innate potential. Her own journey of self-discovery and healing has inspired her to create safe spaces where individuals can shed their burdens, find their voice, ignite their inner heart glow, and realize their dreams.

As a lifelong learner and passionate advocate for holistic wellness, Brittney is dedicated to supporting individuals on their life path to self empowerment. Her commitment to serving others shines through in every aspect of her work



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