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AHH - A Herd of Hope

Updated: Jun 2

The journey of Art, Heart and Hoofbeats began with a simple yet powerful dream - to create a sanctuary where rescued horses could find healing, and where humans could experience the transformative power of the artistic expression-equine-human bond. As someone who had witnessed firsthand the neglect and abuse that too many horses endure and the plight of the unwanted horse, I felt a calling to provide a safe haven and a new life for these noble creatures. At the same time, I recognized a deep need in our community challenge for accessible programs that could support health, personal growth, and human connection - needs that were only exacerbated by the isolation and trauma of the pandemic years. In the wisdom and intuitive presence of horses, I saw an opportunity to facilitate holistic healing.

So I took that first brave step forward, sharing my vision with friends, colleagues, and anyone who would listen. To my delight, the idea resonated deeply, and one by one, like-hearted individuals began offering their support as volunteers. Each volunteer brought unique skills, perspectives and a sincere desire to be part of something greater than themselves.

What began humbly has blossomed into a vibrant sanctuary not just for horses, but for any soul, human or equine, in need of a nurturing space to grow, heal, and experience the power of unconditional love.

I am grateful to each volunteer and supporter who helped manifest this dream into reality, allowing the fires of hope and healing to burn ever brighter. The journey is just beginning...



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