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Saying Good Bye to a friend

Today was an incredibly difficult day. After consulting with our compassionate veterinary team at Cleary Lake Equine, we had to make the heartbreaking decision to end the suffering of our beloved LC, a spirited and talkative Pony of the Americas (POA).

LC poured his whole heart into everything he did, often with a touch of anxiety. He adored "his" mares and was a devoted herd leader. However, the time has come to provide him with a peaceful farewell. My heart aches knowing that tomorrow morning will be the last time I hear his familiar and impatient calls for food.

LC, you are deeply loved by so many. With your passing, a profound void will be left in our hearts and herd. But we take solace in knowing that this decision, as agonizing as it is, relieves you of any further pain and suffering. You have been a cherished part of our AHH family, and your vibrant spirit will forever touch the lives of all who had the privilege of knowing you.

Only Love,



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Anne, you, LC and the entire herd will be in my heart tomorrow.


Thinking of you during this difficult time! My belief is that LC's energy will be around continuing to protect his home and herd.

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