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"Finding Solace in Manes and Masterpieces"

When I decided to start AHH, I was filled with nervousness and self-doubt. As someone living with Multiple Sclerosis and lifelong mental health challenges, I often felt depleted. The pandemic only exacerbated this, as I watched my family and community struggle with the trauma of lockdowns and the fear of an uncertain future.

It was during this time that we discovered a source of solace in our rescue horses. We started new rituals of mindful breathing alongside these gentle creatures. In their presence, we could let go of our busy, anxious thoughts and reconnect with the present moment through the rhythm of our breaths. This simple practice unlocked a profound sense of hope and peace within us.

We also found healing through creative expression like painting, allowing us to tap into our inner selves and the world around us. Spending more time outdoors in nature further grounded us. These experiences reminded me to "be fearless in my search for myself" - to courageously explore and embrace my authentic self despite the challenges.

Through AHH, my vision is to share these restorative experiences with others in need of healing. While facing my own challenges, I've found the inspiration to move this mission forward, thanks to the invaluable support of volunteers, impactful grants, and the boundless encouragement from my community.

At its core, AHH is about empowering people to unlock their innate capacity for resilience, growth, and wholeness by harnessing the synergistic healing powers of rescued equines, nature's embrace, and the creative arts. It's a sanctuary where individuals can fearlessly rediscover and nourish their true selves.

Only Love, Anne


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