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Letting Go with Love: Saying Goodbye to Our Sweet Pony

Today was a heart-wrenching day, yet it was filled with love. In the morning, our dear horse LC let me know, in his usual insistent way, that he was ready for his breakfast. I sang to him, pouring out the story of my affection.

Though tears streamed down my face for most of the day, I couldn't help but contemplate the fragility of life and the unfairness that horses don't share the same lifespan as humans. And how could we put my loyal companion through another summer of torment from flies while battling ankle pain and arthritis? Sometimes, the greatest act of love is to shield our dearest friends from suffering, even as our own hearts shatter into pieces.

When the veterinarian arrived to perform the peaceful passing, I reminded LC of the boundless love I held for him. I praised his beauty and told him he was the most wonderful pony ever. He contentedly nibbled on sweet alfalfa as the vet explained the compassionate procedure. My cries echoed through the air, and tears rolled down my cheeks. The vet gently reassured me that this was a kind day – a day of protecting the one I cherished. "I love you, LC. You are a wonderful horse, and thank you for being you. You are so deeply loved." Overwhelmed with sorrow, yet knowing the pain shows how much LC was cared for, protected and loved to the very end of life.


Only love, Anne



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