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Welcoming new friends to AHH

We are thrilled to announce that we will be welcoming some new friends to AHH next week! The excitement is building as we work diligently to ensure everything is ready for their visit. Port-a-potty check. Lawn cut – in process…

One of our valued partners, MORA (Mount Olivet at Rolling Acres), is planning a picnic at AHH next Wednesday. In preparation, we had a meet and greet and art activity this past Monday evening during their "Monday Mash Up" program. We started with introductions and distributed pictures of our animals. This led to thrilled voices repeating names and sharing their knowledge about horses. We asked our groups to choose their favorite animal from the photos. Many shouts of “Mama-Moon”, a few “Fable” and “Clydesdale – he is a really big guy” were heard, with more than a few people expressing a special interest in spending time with our peacocks. There were also questions about male peafowl and their large tail/fan. The evening was filled with joy and fun. We even had time to learn a few new watercolor techniques while painting some of our favorite animals.

It was a great first glimpse of AHH for participants at MORA, mixed with silliness, joy, and anticipation. Many people talked about rearranging their schedules to get their first glimpse of AHH ! We look forward to sharing the joy and excitement of AHH with our new friends and making their first visit a memorable experience.

At AHH, we are committed to ensuring our facilities are accessible and inclusive for all members of our community. We are dedicated to creating a welcoming environment where everyone can enjoy the beauty and companionship of our animals. A heartfelt thank you to our donors and funders for supporting our work to provide inclusive programs that are accessible to our entire community.

Only Love, Anne


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