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Sexual harassment policy along with the trauma-informed care outline and reporting form:

Trauma-Informed Care at AHH

I. For Our Rescued Horses

  • Provide a safe, non-threatening environment

  • Approach all interactions calmly and patiently

  • Respect boundaries and let the horse initiate contact

  • Use natural horsemanship methods, avoid force/restraints

  • Consider past history of abuse/neglect

  • Proper nutrition and veterinary care for healing

II. For Our Participants

  • Create a welcoming, inclusive, and compassionate space

  • Clearly communicate expectations and choices

  • Empower participants to have a voice and make decisions

  • Maintain confidentiality and build trust

  • Offer grounding techniques and coping strategies

  • Connect to resources for follow-up support if needed

III. For Our Staff & Volunteers

  • Comprehensive trauma-awareness training

  • Self-care and stress management resources

  • Open communication and conflict resolution processes

  • Flexibility and understanding around triggers/reactions

  • Zero-tolerance for harassment, discrimination, or abuse

  • Commitment to continuing education

Sexual Harassment Policy AHH is committed to providing a safe, trauma-informed environment free from sexual harassment and misconduct. We have zero-tolerance for harassment of any kind. This includes:

  • Unwanted sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal/physical conduct of a sexual nature

  • Inappropriate jokes, gestures, comments, or display of sexual materials

  • Intimidation, coercion, or threats based on rejecting sexual advances

  • Inappropriate touching, assault, or other sexual misconduct

Any incidents of sexual harassment should be immediately reported using the confidential reporting form. All claims will be investigated thoroughly by third-party HR professionals. Anyone found violating this policy will face disciplinary action up to termination of employment or volunteer status.

Sexual Harassment Reporting Form

If you have experienced or witnessed sexual harassment, discrimination, or abuse at AHH, please complete this confidential form:

Name (optional): Date of Incident: Describe the harassment/abuse in as much detail as possible (who, what, when, where):

How did you respond to the situation?

Is this an ongoing issue or first occurrence?

Were there any witnesses? If so, please name them:

What is your desired resolution to address this issue?

Please attach any additional evidence or documentation related to the incident. AHH takes all reports extremely seriously and will investigate thoroughly while protecting your confidentiality. Thank you for your courage in reporting any misconduct - it allows us to improve and uphold our values of safety and respect.


By implementing this clear policy along with reporting mechanisms, we uphold the highest standards of safety, respect, and ethical conduct in alignment with our trauma-informed mission and values.

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